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Greek Life

Many of our UNM Sorority Sisters and Fraternity Brothers choose to live in the residence halls at UNM Residence Life and Student Housing every year! With three distinct styles of living to choose from, the best-rated meal plan, and tons of social activities and programming, RLSH offers a great alternative to living in your Sorority or Fraternity house.

Sorority Early Move-In

Women that choose to take part in Sorority Recruitment, and have also decided to live in the residence halls are given the chance to move in early. This means that if you will be living with us, you won't have to worry about finding alternative lodging during Rush Week! There will be an additional one time early move-in fee of $30 per day prior to start of contract added to your housing contract for this early move-in period. This charge will be placed to your UNM Bursars Account.

Meals during Early Move-in

Depending on the activation date of your meal plan, you may need to make other eating arrangements for your meals during this week. Generally, meal plans are activated on the first date of your housing contract. Call the Lobocard office or check online at to find out which campus dining venues will available.


UNM PATS will not issue tickets to any cars parked in "R" designated lots during our regular scheduled move-in days. Check with Greek life for possible parking permits for early move in.

Contract Cancellation/Release

Should you ultimately decide to live in your Sorority or Fraternity House or to cancel/release your housing contract for any reason, you will be subject to the same published cancellation/release fees and rates as any other RLSH resident. Please see the Rates and Payments Schedule for the Academic Year Contract for these cancellation/release rates. All RLSH contract cancellations and releases must be submitted in writing. For more information about Sorority or Fraternity Recruitment, call Student Activities at 505-277-4706, check out the Greek website at greeks.unm.eduor you can email