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Residence Life and Student Housing

MSC 02 1530
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
SRC Commons

Phone: 505-277-2606
Fax: 505-277-4712

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Why live in the residence halls?

Benefits of living in the residence halls | Earn a Higher GPA | Free Services & Amenities | 24-Hour Services | Recreational Areas | Nearby Amenities

Benefits of living in the residence halls:

  • Become a member of an active, supportive community
  • Participate in community activities, programs, and organizations
  • Experience personal growth with opportunities to gain independence and display leadership
  • Earn a higher grade point average
  • Graduate more quickly
  • Transition more easily into college life
  • Make friends who share similar interests as you
  • Meet students with a diversity of life experiences
  • Enjoy a more convenient and less expensive living style
  • Learn principles of civility among roommates and neighbors

Another way that students can benefit from living on campus is to participate in a UNM/RLSH-sponsored Living Learning Community. The Living Learning Program includes 15 Living Learning Communities for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. These communities offer students the opportunity to learn and grow within a specialized community that focuses on a particular area of interest or study. To learn more about the Living Learning Program, click here.

*Benefits of living on campus are determined by an annual satisfaction survey. Results of the 2011 Residence Life and Student Housing satisfaction survey indicate that a significant majority of residents experienced the above benefits of living in the Residence Life and Student Housing residence halls.

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Earn a Higher GPA

Students that live in on campus residence halls benefit from the many conveniences that the university offers: easy access to classes, food, recreational facilities, programs and activities. Studies from universities across the nation show that students that live on campus at any point during their post-secondary education are more involved in campus life and are more likely to complete their education.

Statistics gathered from 2006 to 2010 by UNM Enrollment Management show that overall, student residents did perform better than those that chose to live off campus (see findings below). The overall GPA for freshmen living on campus was 2.69, compared to 2.61 for off-campus freshmen. Sophomores scored higher, with on-campus residents achieving a 3.18 overall and off-campus sophomores scoring a 2.90.

Students credit their higher GPA’s to a sense of community, class connection and the shared experience with other students living and attending classes on campus. When asked what role living on campus had in her success as a college student, one resident said, “I think that convenience does play a big role, but I think it is more the integration into the greater UNM community; I feel like I am more invested in my education.” Living around other students keeps residents more focused and motivates them to study more.

Fall 06 Spring 07 Fall 07 Spring 08 Fall 08 Spring 09 Fall 09 Spring 10 Average GPA
Freshmen (On) 3.09 2.38* 3.08 2.43* 3.07 2.25* 2.96 2.25* 2.69
Freshmen (Off) 2.86 2.44 2.88 2.45 2.83 2.33 2.83 2.30 2.61
Sophomores (On) 3.21 3.24 3.19 3.20 3.22 3.17 3.11 3.12 3.18
Sophomores (Off) 2.92 2.93 2.90 2.96 2.89 2.90 2.85 2.89 2.90

*A drop in GPAs in the Spring semester for freshmen over the five consecutive years of data is believed by UNM CAPS staff to be attributed to the freshman tendency to enroll in easier classes in the fall in order to qualify for Lottery Scholarships. They then enroll in harder classes in the Spring which results in a slightly lower GPA. This trend was found to be the same for all freshmen, regardless of where they resided.

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Free Services & Amenities

Students living in the University residence halls have access to the following services and amenities at no additional charge:

  • Free (coinless) laundry facilities in every residence hall
  • Free cable service in each room
  • Free printing in the SRC Commons 24-Hour Computer Pod
  • Free mailbox service located in SRC Commons
  • Free high-speed Internet access port and Wi-Fi
  • Free programs and activities
  • Free utilities
  • Free use of fully equipped kitchens, with ovens, stoves, and microwaves available in every hall
  • Free campus shuttles
  • Free bus service anywhere in Albuquerque on ABQ Ride

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24-Hour Services

Several of the free services and amenities listed above are available 24-hours, every day of the week (including holidays). This includes the following:

  • SRC Commons Computer Pod
  • 24 hour laundry facilities in each residence hall
  • SRC 24-Hour Customer Service Desk, located in the SRC Commons
  • Safety and Security Staff
  • Security Escort service for the residence halls and resident parking areas
  • Emergency maintenance/Housekeeping staff

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Recreational Areas

In addition to the free services and amenities listed above, residents have access to three recreational areas where students can hang out, play games and more. These areas include the Cellar in Hokona Hall, the Underground in Coronado Hall, and The RVA Hut.

The Hokona Cellar hosts several pool tables, in addition to video and gaming accessories. The Cellar AV system include the following: blue ray disc players, HD projectors, XM radio, cable, and stereo surround speakers.

The Coronado Underground is equipped with surround sound, leather seating, X-box gaming system, DVD player and cable. It also has a pool and ping-pong table available.

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Nearby Amenities

Our residence halls are conveniently located near amenities both on and off  campus. The following services and amenities are within a 10-minute walk of all the residence halls:

  • La Posada Dining Hall
  • Johnson Gym and Field, Seidler Natatorium
  • Student Union Building, with an art studio, hair salon, coffee shop, restaurants, cafes and more
  • UNM Bookstore
  • KIVA Lecture Hall
  • Multiple on-campus libraries
  • Popejoy Hall
  • US Post Office
  • Nob Hill/Central Avenue shopping and restaurants

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