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Freshman Residency Requirement

The University of New Mexico is committed to providing all students with an exceptional educational experience. For this reason, UNM will require all first-year students (not qualified for an exception) to live on campus effective Fall Semester 2018. Statistics both nationally and at the University level have consistently shown that students who live on campus have better grades and stay in school longer than students who choose to live off campus. Residents are successful because:

  • Our educational programming model of community, wellness, personal and professional development, and diversity and inclusion, is the foundation of our engagement with our residents
  • A multi-layer security system, from the Resident Advisor to a 24/7 security staff to the UNM Police Department, provides a safe campus environment.
  • Trained staff who design and implement events and activities based on our educational model to enhance the college experience, keeping students involved and supported.
  • Living Learning Communities connect residents directly to their academic program as well as a connection to other residents with interests just like them.
  • All the conveniences of campus life allow our students the opportunity to stay focused on learning.

Who Is Required to Live On Campus?

All first year undergraduate students enrolled as full-time students outside a 30-mile radius of campus will be required to live on campus. Students first enrolling in summer are required to live in the residence halls during the summer, fall and spring semesters. Students first enrolling in the fall are required to live in the residence halls during the fall and spring semesters. Students first enrolling in the spring are required to live in the residence halls during the spring semester. View the 30-mile radius exception map here. 

What campus housing satisfies the residency requirement?

All main Campus UNM Residence Halls (Alvarado, Coronado, Hokona, Laguna, DeVargas, Santa Clara, Student Residence Center Apartments, and Redondo Village Apartments) and on-campus private partner Casas del Rio fulfil the requirement. If the student has an additional programmatic tie to UNM such as an academic program or Living Learning Community, they may apply for an exception to live at Lobo Rainforest and Lobo Village. 

Are there Exceptions?

Exceptions to the live-in requirement may be requested and will be reviewed on an individual basis. Exceptions will be considered for students who provide documentation that demonstrates that the:

  1. Student will be living with a parent, guardian or family member within 30 miles of main campus
  2. Student will be at least 20 years of age when the academic year begins
  3. Student are domestically partnered, married or have legally dependent children
  4. Student has a medical or accessibility circumstance and have applied and been approved for live-in exception through UNM’s Accessibility Resource Center
  5. Student who can demonstrate that living on campus would present an undue hardship on their ability to attend the University

To request an exception to the Freshman Residency Requirement, please log into the Residence Dashboard, enter your UNM NetID and password and complete the exception application. Please be sure to attach any appropriate documentation to support your exception. Questions? Contact us at

Learn more about UNM's 2016 Living Requirement Study.