Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities give our residents the opportunity to connect with other residents in our 10 designated Living Learning Communities where they may share extracurricular interests and academic pursuits through an abundance of programs, events and activities. Living Learning Communities are available in each of our halls including traditional, apartment and suite-style living. Take a look at our Living Learning Program for more detailed information on each of our communities.

BA/MD Community

BA/MD Community

Campus Partner: BA/MD Program
Location: Redondo Village Apartments

A community required for students admitted to the BA/MD Program. Residents participate in intense collaboration in a supportive environment.


BLC - Black Living Learning Community

Campus Partner: African American Student Services
Location: Coronado

A welcoming and inclusive living space where Black students can share their experience of navigating academia while establishing community. Choose BLC in Coronado Hall and celebrate Black heritage and culture.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Campus Partner: College of Fine Arts

Location: Laguna Hall

A bright and enthusiastic community for residents from all fine art disciplines, engaging in a cross-medium, multi-disciplinary environment..

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral & Allies

Campus Partners: LGBTQ Resource Center; QSA; Queer Studies

A safe, friendly and open environment based upon inclusivity, fostering long-lasting relationships, providing resources and engaging involvement from resident allies. To respect the privacy of these students the location of this hall will not be made publicly available by RLSH.

Global Focus

Global Focus

Campus Partner: Global Education Office
Location: DeVargas Hall

A fun and friendly cultural environment where international and national students live together and exchange experiences. Live here and meet friends from all over the world.


Outdoor Living & Environmental Learners

Campus Partners: Johnson Center, Sustainability Studies, UNM Recycling, & Green Fund
Location: Coronado Hall

A community focused on eco-living, sustainability, and just enjoying the great outdoors while meeting other residents with similar environmental interests.


Pre Health Professionals

Campus Partner: Health Science Programs
Location: Alvarado Hall

A comprehensive community for all students planning to become health professionals, or are interested in health fields.


Scholars Community

Campus Partner: Scholars Program

Location: Hokona & SRC Apartments

A unique community unified by a shared passion for knowledge. Residents strive for academic excellence while fostering meaningful relationships both in and out of the classroom.

2nd Year

Second Year Experience

Campus Partners: Career Services; ASUNM

Location: SRC Apartments

Designed to provide support to second-year students, through relationship building with professionals, honing career skills and assets.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Campus Partner: Various
Location: DeVargas Hall

The Science and Engineering communities have combined as our STEM LLC. A community for those interested in biology, chemistry, Earth planetary sciences, engineering, etc. Engage outside the classroom through dedicated multi-purpose study within UNM's distinctive science community. Incorporates programs centered on STEM and fosters resident relationships with STEM-related majors and professionals.