Community Living

Welcome to your new community--UNM Student Family Housing! Part of being a successful member living in a healthy community is being aware of, understanding and following guidelines and policies. All community members are expected to read the Community Living Guide available on line or at the administrative office.

By signing a UNM Student Family Housing License Agreement, you agree to follow all national, state and local laws, as well as University regulations as outlined in the UNM Pathfinder and the Student Family Housing Community Living Guide. If you have any questions about policies, please contact a Student Family Housing staff member.

Click here to see the SFH Community Living Guide

Click here to see the UNM Pathfinder Student Code of Conduct

Some of the guidelines you agree to follow while living at UNM Student Family Housing include:

  • Not to consume alcohol outside of your apartment or in any common areas
  • Not to gamble
  • Not to possess or use illegal drugs
  • Not to tamper with fire equipment
  • Not to possess firearms or other potential weapons
  • Not to keep any pets except fish in a 15 gallon tank or less and birds
  • Not to possess water beds
  • Not to occupy any roof or balcony
  • Not to tamper with security equipment including locks, gates, and fire sprinkler systems
  • Not to loan out or duplicate University keys
  • Not to possess or use candles or incense
  • Not to possess washers or dryers

In addition, you agree to follow guidelines and instructions as provided by the Student Family Housing Coordinator, CRAs or other Residence Hall and Student Housing Staff.