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Moving Out

The move out process described below occurs at the end of your housing contract. At the end of your contract period, your RA will assist you through the check out process. Should you need to move out of your room prior to the end of your contract, you will need to get in contact with your Community Director as soon as possible. Your Community Director can help you through the move out process to ensure you won't incur any unnecessary fees or charges. 

RA Check-Outs

Check with your RA now to find out how and where to sign up in advance for your official RA check-out. This information will be made available at your closing meeting, so be sure to attend. RA check-outs are mandatory and failure to do this will result in an improper check-out charge of $100.00. Check-outs will be scheduled during the week of finals. If you need to check out before then, contact your RA.  Before your check out you will need to move out all of your belongings and completely clean your room. Cleaning supplies are available for check out at the area desks.

You must sign up for an RA check-out at least 24 hours before your intended check-out time (Please see links below). You must also check out of your room no later than 24-hours after your last final, or Saturday (the last day of your contract) at 2:00 pm, whichever comes first. Need help with your check out? Check out our ROOM INSPECTION TUTORIAL.

Please click on the link to your hall to schedule your check-out:

Keys & FOBs

You will turn in your keys (room, FOB/perimeter, bathroom) to your RA during your RA check-out. If you do not produce your keys during check-out (spare keys checked out from your front desk do not qualify as your keys) you will be charged for a lock change. Lock change charges are listed on the charge sheets below. Once a lock change request has been submitted, it cannot be reversed.

Mailbox keys are due to the mailroom by the posted date at the mailroom window. Failure to turn in your mailbox key will result in a charge for a lock change. Again, once a mail box lock change request has been submitted, it cannot be reversed. You will be given a chance to fill out a mail-forwarding slip to ensure that you receive your mail at your preferred address. If you are living with us for the summer you may keep your same mailbox and mailbox key.

Room Inspections

As a resident, you are responsible for maintaining the condition of your room or suite, which includes all furniture, surfaces and cleanliness. At check in, you were supplied a Room Condition Report (RCR) specifying the condition of your room.  At move out, your RA will bring the Room Condition Report (RCR) that you filled out when you moved in and will go over the room with you. Any damage to the room that is not reflected on your RCR and that is considered to be beyond normal wear and tear will be reflected as a charge. Most room damage charges are listed on our departmental Room Charge Sheets (see below). Atypical damages will be assessed by professional housing staff.   

Traditional Hall Room Charge Sheet

Apartment Room Charge Sheet