Our Halls

Residence Life and Student Housing offers three different styles of residence hall living: Traditional, Suite style, and Apartment style.  The three living styles feature many of the same amenities, but each differs in concept. While all of our halls are co-ed, all rooms, suites, and apartments are single-gender.

UNM offers students a variety of types of buildings to live in, and each building has something different to offer. Learn more about each hall and find your style. 


Our traditional halls are best known for having a strong sense of community, with unique floor plans and a friendly atmosphere that make it easy for you to make new friends, build study groups or join fun activities. Some of your best memories are waiting for you within our traditional halls.


Of all the unique styles that can be found in our communities, none is more distinctive than Laguna/DeVargas Suites (LDV). Recently remodeled, each suite consists of a mix of single and double rooms with a shared bathroom, accommodating up to six residents, offering slightly more privacy than the traditional halls but the same great community feel. Both Laguna and DeVargas buildings have large common areas with full kitchen and laundry facilities where you can meet friends, cook a meal and wash your clothes all at once. The best part about LDV? Housekeeping staff clean the bathroom for you.


Looking for more privacy than the traditional or suite style halls? Our apartments offer fully furnished, single room occupancy with a full kitchen, dining and living room areas. 

In additional to the unique amenities of each hall, all of our halls include:

  • Free utilities
  • Cable TV
  • Internet / Wi-Fi
  • 24 hour service desk
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Free laundry facilities


Double (traditional halls): Double-occupancy rooms are the traditional arrangement of two residents per room, with individual furnishing and closet space.

Single: Single rooms are set up with individual furnishings and smaller square footage than typical double-occupancy rooms. Single rooms are available in certain traditional halls, suite-style halls and all apartments.

Deluxe Single: Deluxe singles are based on availability and are the same square footage as a double room, but house furnishings for one individual, with the exception of double the closet space. Deluxe singles are based on availability at any given semester. Deluxe singles are available in our traditional halls.