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Residence Hall Work Orders

Custodial and Maintenance Services

Custodians and Maintenance Technicians are assigned to each residence hall to provide optimum customer service. Their services are provided to residents at no additional charge.

Our Custodial Staff is responsible for maintaining cleanliness in public areas which include bathrooms, kitchens,laundry areas, hallways and lounges in traditional & suite style halls, and hallways, laundry areas and community lounges or other common areas in apartment-style halls.

The University also offers maintenance service through the Physical Plant Department (PPD). For the residence halls, some work is performed by Residence Life and Student Housing maintenance staff and some work is performed by University PPD. Repairs needed within the halls are typically performed by Housing Maintenance Technicians. Issues such as electrical repairs, heating/cooling problems, pest control, recycling, and groundskeeping are typically handled by University PPD.

All Custodians and Maintenance Technicians are easily identified with either light blue or dark blue uniforms.

In order to request assistance with a maintenance or cleanliness issue, please do one of the following:

  • Call 505-27Q-UICK (277-8425). Provide the attendant with as much detailed information as possible, i.e. identify the problem, location, etc.
  • Submit a work order request online by clicking here. Provide as much detailed information as possible in the request form.
  • If you have an emergency, and it is after 4:30pm on a weekday or if it is a weekend or holiday, call the SRC Commons 24-hour Customer Service Desk at 505-277-9203 and an attendant will contact an on-call Custodian or Maintenance Technician.

If you want to learn the status of your work order, feel free to email or call 27QUICK.

Laundry machine issues should be directed to ASI American Campus Laundry Solutions. When you call ASI Laundry, please have the machine number ready. The machine number is a combination of letters and numbers printed on a sticker located on the machine.

To place a work order with ASI, call 1-800-762-3452 or go to If you experience persistent issues with a particular machine, call 27Q-UICK (277-8425).

There are a few ways you can prevent laundry issues. Remember to buy High Efficiency "HE" laundry detergent and to clean the lint tray in a dryer before and after every use.

If you experience issues with the Comcast Cable connection in your room or common area, please contact Comcast Customer Service at 1-888-895-6504. Please plan to call Comcast from your room, as the Customer Support Technician will ask you for the serial number on your DTA unit. The serial number is a 12-unit, alphanumeric code that usually begins with "PAAV_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _."

If a technician is required to come to your room to perform work, please arrange to escort the technician to your room.

If you continue to experience Comcast problems, please alert our staff by calling 27QUICK or emailing us about the issue. 

Any issues with wiFi or internet connection should be directed to UNM Information Technologies. Also, if you have requested a Telephone Line Activation, any issues with your telephone connection should also be reported to UNM Information Technologies.

To place a work order with UNM IT call 505-277-5757 or go to

FAQs About Work Orders

Contact the SRC Commons 24-hour Customer Service Desk at 505-277-9203. If the issue needs to be resolved immediately because it imposes a safety or security risk, the desk attendant will contact an on-call Custodian or Maintenance Technician. If the issue does not impose a safety risk, the desk attendant will assist you in placing the work order request to be resolved as soon as possible.

Our Custodial and Maintenance services are provided to you free of charge. However, if significant damage has been caused by a resident, Residence Life and Student Housing reserves the right to charge the student the cost of the repair, including labor and parts. Also keep in mind that any changes to your room condition that are not evident on the Room Condition Report you sign during move-in will result in a fee per damaged line item.

Lost or broken keys should be reported to your main area desk. You will be issued a temporary key until a new key has been ordered. You do not need to contact 27QUICK. Residents are charged the cost of labor and time for replacing lost keys.

Although Residence Life and Student Housing keeps a close eye on areas where specific problems re-occur, we appreciate residents who will help us catch persistent issues. For this reason, Community Associations elect Food and Facilities Representatives who attend bi-weekly meetings with Residence Life and Student Housing Facilities Staff (as well as La Posada Management) to report these kinds of issues. To learn more about these meetings, read the following section on Facility Feedback Sessions.