About Residence Life and Student Housing

Our Mission

To foster inclusive, community-based living environments consciously designed for our residents' personal growth and academic success in well-maintained facilities. 



UNM Residence Life & Student Housing staff are available to assist you Monday - Friday, 8a - 5P

Physical Address:

UNM Residence Life & Student Housing

2700 Campus Blvd NE

Albuquerque NM 87106

Building 89 (Across from La Posada)

Mailing Address:

UNM Residence Life & Student Housing

MSC02 1530

1 University of New Mexico

Albuquerque NM 87131-0001

Phone: 505-277-2606 24/7 Help Desk

Email: housing@unm.edu


Department Contacts:

Megan Chibanga

Megan Chibanga, Director

Email: mjc28@unm.edu


DeAnna Padilla, Assistant Director- Residence Life

Phone: 505-277-2016 | Email: dpadilla4@unm.edu


Dee Goines, Assistant Director- RLSH Facilities Management

Phone: 505-277-4707 | Email: dgoines@unm.edu


Teresa Ortiz, Operations Manager / Area Coordinator (SC, Alv, Cor)

Phone: 505-277-2632 | Email: tortiz@unm.edu


Area Coordinators:


Letha Parrott, Sr. Area Coordinator (SRC, RVA, Lobo Rainforest)

Phone: 505-277-2524 | Email: lethap@unm.edu


Kristin Bielling, Area Coordinator (Hok, LDV)

Phone: 505.-277-1775 | Email: kbielling@unm.edu


Hall Coordinators:


Sofie Carrillo, Hall Coordinator- Alvarado Hall

Phone: 505-277-4955 | Email: scarrilloa@unm.edu


Amoni Victor, Hall Coordinator- Coronado Hall

Phone: 505-277-9227 | Email: avictor8@unm.edu


Lexi Venditti, Hall Coordinator- Hokona Hall

Phone: 505-277-8986 | Email: avenditti@unm.edu


Jason Kauffin, Hall Coordinator- Laguna DeVargas Hall

Phone: 505-277-2233 | Email: mrkauffinjr@unm.edu


Pritika Chand, Hall Coordinator- Lobo Rainforest

Phone: 505-277-1522 | Email: Pchand@unm.edu


KJ Walker, Hall Coordinator- Santa Clara Hall

Phone: 505-277-0777 | Email: walkere@unm.edu


S. Shabazz-Muhammad, Hall Coordinator- Redondo Village Apartments

Phone: 505-277-0465 | Email: sshabazz210@unm.edu

Kye Glover

Kye Glover, Hall Coordinator- SRC Apartments

Phone: 505-277-1495 | Email: kyglover@unm.edu


RA Duty Phones:

Alvarado Hall: 505-228-9547

Coronado Hall: 505-269-3129

Hokona Hall: 505-269-8320

Redondo Village Apartments: 505-269-1884

Laguna DeVargas Halls: 505-252-2112

Santa Clara Hall: 505-252-2112

SRC Apartments: 505-269-7914

Lobo Rainforest Office: 505-220-2146

Our Values


Through continuous evaluation and student feedback, UNM Residence Life and Student Housing seeks to meet a high standard of excellence within our facilities, services and processes.


UNM Residence Life and Student Housing strives to create an environment of success for every individual resident. All of our student and professional staff are highly trained and compassionate individuals who help residents connect to campus resources, personalize their housing experience, and achieve personal and academic goals. 


The UNM residence halls are an extension of the collegiate academic environment. We believe that by living on campus, residents have the opportunity to learn and grow beyond the classroom. The programs, activities and initiatives within our residence halls aim to develop residents into well-rounded individuals. 


UNM Residence Life and Student Housing embraces the idea that communities are comprised of diverse individuals from all walks of life. We nurture healthy, thriving communities that help residents feel connected to each other, as well as the institution. Residents are encouraged to participate as active and engaged citizens within their living areas.