Amenities and Services


The Cellar

Located on the north side of Hokona Hall, The Cellar is a game room available to all on-campus residence hall residents equipped with pool, foosball, air hockey tables and more. A huge dance floor, and a movie/gaming area with a wide screen televisions can be reserved. There are couches and tables with plenty of space for studying or just hanging out. You can kick back and listen to your favorite tunes on our new XM Radio or simply plug in your iPod to hear your music on six channel surround sound. The Residence Hall Association hosts weekly social events at The Cellar in addition to large programs and activities.

Open during evening hours.



New & Improved Rec Areas Coming

Residence Life & Student Housing is currently working on providing new and improved recreational areas in Coronado Hall and at the RVA Hut. If you have great ideas about what you'd like to see in these areas, let the leaders of your Community Association and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) know!

Do I get a mailbox?

Every resident is entitled to a free mailbox. However, mailboxes are not automatically assigned. To sign up for a mailbox, request a key at the SRC Commons Mail Room. Returning residents often receive the same mailbox used in previous semesters. 

Delivery and Hours of Operation

Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays. Campus mail picks up outgoing mail between 9:00 am-10:30 am. Mailboxes can be accessed daily from 7 am - 12 midnight. If you have a question about your mail, you can contact the SRC Commons Mail Room at 505-277-9206.


Packages can be accepted from any carrier, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and care package deliveries. However, outgoing packages cannot be weighed or sent from the SRC Commons Mail Room. Packages that do not fit in residents' mailboxes will be recorded on small slip. Residents may bring the slip and a picture ID to the SRC Commons Mail Room in order to sign for and pick up their packages.

Mailing Supplies

The SRC Commons Mail Room does not sell mailing materials, including envelopes and stamps. Stamps and envelopes are sometimes available at the Outtakes store in the SRC Commons. 

Federal Laws regarding the receipt of Mail

According to federal law, residents may not access their mail without using their mail key. Federal law also mandates that mail addressed to a different recipient cannot be distributed to the resident of that box. Insure that mail sent to the address listed above has the correct name indicated on the item.

What's my address?

Please use the following four line format when giving out your UNM address.

Your Name
UNM SRC _ _ _ _ (your box number)
2700 Campus Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Returning Your Mail Key
When you are checking out of your room, mailbox keys can be returned to the SRC Commons Mail Room only. RA's cannot accept mailbox keys.

When you live on campus we make doing your laundry easy!

  • There are shared coinless laundry facilities located in every UNM Residence Hall.
  • Our washers and dryers are new and easy to use.
  • Remember to buy High Efficiency "HE" laundry detergent in all washing machines...We are going green!

To report a problem with a machine, please contact:


General Key Information

Each area desk maintains and manages spare keys for their respective area. The SRC 24-Hour desk maintains Student Resident Center apartment keys. The East Desk maintains Alvarado, Coronado, and RVA keys. The West Desk maintains Hokona, Santa Clara, and Laguna/DeVargas keys, including spare access cards for Hokona Hall. The desks manage one spare to every room, as well as extra perimeter and bathroom keys. The only individuals who may handle these keys are the residents assigned to the respective room. Keys will not be checked-out to family members or friends.

Time Due

Residents are permitted varying amounts of time for checking out a key, depending on their situation. These situations have been divided into three categories. The following time allotments apply to residents checking out regular keys, as well as spare access cards to Hokona Hall.

Lock out
If a resident is simply locked out of their room, but the resident knows that his or her keys are accessible in the room, they are given ten minutes.

Temporary loss
If a resident is locked out of their room, but they are unsure of the location of their keys and need more time to look, they are given three days.

Permanent loss
If a resident knows that the keys have been permanently lost, a lock change will be ordered immediately. Lock change fees will be billed to the resident’s Bursar account.

If a resident feels that their situation does not qualify for one of the above categories, they may speak with a desk attendant for an exception.

The cost of a lock change varies depending on how many locks must be changed. For this reason, some communities may have a higher cost than others. The lock change fee accounts for the cost of parts and the cost of labor. There are no surcharges placed on an account to punish a resident. Lock changes cannot be stopped once ordered.

What if my key gets bent or broken?

If a resident’s key is bent or broken, we will order a key replacement. If it is determined that the key was not bent or broken due to the resident mishandling the key, the resident will not be charged for the replacement.

Free Campus-wide Wi-Fi

Wireless Internet is available to all Resident Lobos campus-wide at no cost. Simply connect and go.

Computer Facilities & Services

Problems with your connection? Just call UNM IT at 277-5757 when you have trouble with your high speed connection in your room.

Telephone Service

A local telephone line is not provided in your room. 

You can request (for a fee) to have a land-line activated in your room. Come by the SRC Commons Customer Service Desk during regular business hours and fill out a telephone request form. Once the line is installed, a $300.00 charge will be placed on your UNM Bursars Account. This is a one time charge which covers the telephone activation fee, 9 months of monthly service charges, and voicemail. You will be asked to provide a contact telephone with answering capability so that UNM IT staff can contact you to install the line. The land-line will be local only and will not provide long-distance services.

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds can be set-up for you ONLY if you live in Alvarado and Santa Clara Halls (supply may be limited due to demand.) To request a bunk bed, contact your Community Director or Resident Advisor. You will be charged a one-time $50.00 fee to your Bursar's Account for the rental of this equipment for the entire academic year. This charge cannot be pro-rated or refunded if you change to a living area that does not permit bunk beds or cancel your contract.

Lofting Kits

Lofting kits are only available for use in Redondo Village Apartments. To request a lofting kit, contact your Student Hall Director or Resident Advisor. You will be charged a one-time $50.00 fee to your Bursar's Account for the rental of this equipment for the entire academic year. This charge cannot be pro-rated or refunded if you change to a living area that does not permit lofting kits or cancel your contract.