Some Frequently Asked Questions...

All Main Campus Fall contracts are for the full academic year (Fall and Spring). They begin on the first day you move in in August and extend through the last day of finals in May. Contracts from satellite housing, Student Family Housing and Lobo Rainforest, are from August until July.

Yes. We typically have some room availability in the spring. The registration and contract is adjusted for Spring and is available after fall classes begin.

Our online registration is available in October of the year prior to the start of contract.

There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee.

Our returning residents are given the first chance to claim a room for the following fall through Priority Renewal. Once the renewal process is over, we open room selection to our new applicants. With the exception of Living Learning Communities, all of the rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are prompted to list hall and room type preferences on their contract. We will do our absolute best to honor those preferences. Those that apply early are far more likely to receive an assignment from their list of preferences. However, if the preferences are no longer available a student will be assigned to something similar. Please note if you do not receive your preference there are room changes that take place at the beginning of the semester; please contact your Hall Coordinator for more information.

You can request a roommate preference on our housing contract. RLSH will only honor mutual roommate requests. You will need to follow these guidelines so that we may pair you with the roommate requested. You will receive an email for RLSH with the specific dates and instructions of how to request and accept your intended roommate(s).

Also, please note if you do not have a particular person in mind to be your roommate(s) you are able to look at students’ profiles during the roommate matching timeline. During this time you can view and message anyone on your matching profile.

Roommate assignments are released in the middle of July, about a month before the start of the academic year. This gives new roommates an entire month to get to know each other and to make arrangements for move-in! All assigned applicants may call our 24-Hour Help Desk at 505.277.2606 or send an email with name, student ID# and their request to to find out their assigned roommate. If your assigned roommate has authorized us to share his/her personal information with you, we will give you their name, email address and(or) phone contact information. If your assigned roommate has opted not to share his/her information, you will need to wait until the beginning of the school year to meet your roommate. Please be ready to provide your UNM student ID# when requesting roommate information.

If a student would like to change the information that they completed on the housing contract they can contact and ask for them to place the contract back in draft and the student can go in and make these changes. Please note that this will alter the date that the student submitted the contract and could have an impact on their place in assignments. So, it is very important before the student submits the contract that they look at the entire contract and check if the information is accurate.

Yes, all of our residence halls are co-ed, meaning that both men and women live in the halls. With the exception of our Gender Neutral living learning community, men and women do not share rooms, bathrooms, suites or apartments unless requested. Co-ed apartments are available exclusively for upperclassmen who have mutually agreed to choose this option.

Co-ed spaces are available exclusively for students who have mutually agreed to choose this option, all students will need to contact for this assignment.

Yes, we do have ADA accessible rooms available on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants will need to register with UNM Accessibilities Resource Center (ARC) and complete a housing contract. ARC will email us with their assignment accommodation recommendation. Some applicants have accommodations that may warrant a single room or possibly a room on the ground floor. The same process applies to these accommodations. We will honor all accommodations made by ARC as long as we have the space available.

 To request a contract cancellation, please login to the housing portal (where you completed your application) and use the contract cancellation form. Please remember that all of the following processes are exclusive from any University withdrawal processes you may need to complete.

For contract release (after the first day of the contract) please contact your Hall/Area Coordinator. Please read further for more information on cancellations, no-show, and contract release to ensure you are following the correct process and to understand the fees incurred with each. 

The University of New Mexico requires that first year residents/freshmen purchase a meal plan. Meal plans are managed by the LoboCard Office. For more information please call 505.277.9970 or visit their website, to learn more.

This application is only for UNM Residence Life & Student Housing (UNM Housing) and does not include our private partner properties. If you want to apply to live with Casas del Rio or Lobo Village, do not complete this application. Instead, visit Casas del Rio or Lobo Village to apply.