Of all the unique styles that can be found in our community, none is more distinctive than Laguna/DeVargas Suites (LDV). Each suite consists of a combination of single and double rooms with a shared bathroom. Accommodating up to six residents, each suite offers slightly more privacy than the traditional halls but the same great community atmosphere. Both Laguna and DeVargas buildings have large common areas with full kitchen and laundry facilities where you can meet, eat, and wash your clothes all at once.

  • Carpeted rooms
  • Single and double rooms
  • Two, three or four bedrooms with a shared bathroom
  • Student lounges on each floor
  • Large solid wood closets and built-in dresser drawers
  • Co-ed on an alternating suite basis

Watch our video tour of Laguna DeVargas. Click here!

Laguna DeVargas Hall

Living Learning Programs

STEM LLCThe Science and Engineering communities have combined as our STEM LLC. A community for those interested in biology, chemistry, Earth planetary sciences, engineering, etc. Engage outside the classroom through dedicated multi-purpose study within UNM's distinctive science community. Incorporates programs centered on STEM and fosters resident relationships with STEM-related majors and professionals.

Fine Arts: Connects residents interested in the field of fine arts, including music, dance, theater, art, and other performance mediums; provides residents with academic resources through the Fine Arts Department.


Community Association meetings on Tuesday nights at 8:30, check the signs throughout the buildings for the location. Be there!

Recreation Area

Laguna/DeVargas Basements, open 24/7.

Front Desk

LDV is served by the West Desk located in Hokona Hall (505) 277-2806

In additional to the unique amenities of each hall, all of our halls include:

  • Free utilities
  • Cable TV
  • Internet / Wi-Fi
  • 24 hour service desk
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Free laundry facilities