Student Positions

Residence Life and Student Housing deeply values the work of our student employees. We are one the largest student employers on UNM campus with over 120 student positions. 

Positions are varied in type and task, ranging from entry level to advanced, hourly to stipend, and so on.  

Take a look at the enclosed job descriptions to learn more about employment opportunities within our department. You can check current job openings at UNM Jobs. Visit here for information about our professional positions.


Staff selection for our 2024-2025 academic year Resident Advisor and Community Development Assistant positions starts soon. Visit our Staff Selection Facebook page for more information. 

Our Resident Education unit promotes individual development among students through mindful programming, effective judiciary processes, and quality community building. Our student positions support these functions by enhancing student relationships, mediating in student conflicts, and developing communities through effective programming.

Resident Education positions include:

"My time in the RA position has made me a more compassionate and kind person, as well as a better team player. And , on top of that, I have become an exceptional crafter!" - Amanda Simmons, 2014-2015 Resident Advisor in Hokona Hall

Residence Life and Student Housing strives to deliver excellent customer service to on-campus residents, potential residents, and their families. Our student positions support our customer service efforts in the SRC Commons Mailroom, East and West Desks, and SRC Commons 24-hour desk. We also employ Safety and Security Staff to maintain a secure presence throughout the residence hall system. Student Supervisors are appointed to oversee each of our customer service areas. 

In the summer, Conference Guest Assistants are employed to meet the needs of our conference guest attendants. 

Customer Service positions include:

"Even though the Safety & Security Staff member position requires working until the early hours of the morning, each staff member has a great attitude and is always fun to work with. I love this job!" - Austin Alexander, Safety & Security Staff Member

"I have enjoyed working in the SRC Commons Mailroom because it has not only allowed me to gain work experience in an office setting, but it has also given me the opportunity to grow as a leader. I get to manage an awesome team, build my resume, and - because of it's on-campus convenience - I can focus on school."  - Marisia Martinez, SRC Commons Mailroom Student Supervisor

"Being a SRC Desk Attendant is the perfect job for a student. The people you work with are great and the hours are flexible. I love it!" - Gabrielle Herbosa, SRC Commons Desk Attendant

Residence Life and Student Housing deeply believes in the value of living in the on-campus residence halls. We seek to promote living in the on-campus residence halls by sharing real and authentic student experiences through our student employees. 

Marketing positions include: