Moving Out

The move out process described below occurs at the end of your housing contract. The check-out process will mainly be in-person.

Residents must attend their respective Final Floor Meetings, which will take place from April 25 - May 2. Additionally, Hall Coordinators will be providing information to each resident via their UNM email. Express check-out packets will be housed with the Hall Coordinators, so each resident will need to contact their respective Hall Coordinator to discuss the resident's need for an express check-out.

RA Check-Outs

At the end of the contract term for your living area, you must vacate your room/apartment. You can either complete an in person checkout with your RA, or you can elect to complete an Express Check-Out. Regardless of the the process you opt into, you are expected to vacate your room/apartment within 24 hours after your last exam and/or from the time you formally withdraw from UNM.

To fully complete a check out, you will:

• Set up a check-out time with your RA at least 24 hours in advance if choosing an in-person check out OR collect an Express Check Out packet from your RA or Hall Coordinator.

• Remove all your belongings from your room.

• Clean your room, bathroom, and kitchen, including cabinets and refrigerator (if applicable).

• Return all keys & fobs • Return mailbox keys to the SRC Mailroom (Main Campus) Lobo Rainforest Desk (Rainforest) during regular business hours.

• Express Check Out Only: return the completed envelope to your area desk. A resident’s area must be clean before the checkout process begins.

Failure to go through the official checkout process will result in a $100 improper check-out fee. You are also responsible to pay for any damages to your room, including furniture, windows, doors, and/or lost or damaged keys. A comprehensive list of damage charges will be available on the housing website. After checking out of your room a member of the RLSH Resident Education and/or Facilities staff will do an additional walk-through of 20 the buildings. At that time, additional damage charges may be assessed if they were not charged at the time of your check-out.

For any student who abandons or leaves items within their room, RLSH will box and store the items for 30 days. There will be a fee assessed for the time needed to box the items. After 30 days, any unclaimed items will be donated or disposed of depending on the condition of the items. 

Keys & FOBs

You will turn in your keys (room, FOB/perimeter, bathroom) to your RA during your RA check-out. If you do not produce your keys during check-out (spare keys checked out from your front desk do not qualify as your keys) you will be charged for a lock change. Lock change charges are listed on the charge sheets below. Once a lock change request has been submitted, it cannot be reversed.

Mailbox keys are due to the mailroom by the posted date at the mailroom window. Failure to turn in your mailbox key will result in a charge for a lock change. Again, once a mail box lock change request has been submitted, it cannot be reversed. You will be given a chance to fill out a mail-forwarding slip to ensure that you receive your mail at your preferred address. If you are living with us for the summer you may keep your same mailbox and mailbox key.

Room Inspections

As a resident, you are responsible for maintaining the condition of your room or suite, which includes all furniture, surfaces and cleanliness. At check in, you were supplied a Room Condition Report (RCR) specifying the condition of your room.  At move out, your RA will bring the Room Condition Report (RCR) that you filled out when you moved in and will go over the room with you. Any damage to the room that is not reflected on your RCR and that is considered to be beyond normal wear and tear will be reflected as a charge. Most room damage charges are listed on our departmental Room Charge Sheets (see below). Atypical damages will be assessed by professional housing staff.   

Traditional Hall Room Charge Sheet 2023

Apartment Room Charge Sheet 2023