UNM Housing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Following COVID Safe Practices for the wellbeing will impact the on-campus living experience. We encourage all students to review the information on the page to gain a full understanding of the actions RLSH is taking to assure the ongoing safety of the residential community and the entire UNM community.

We want to be transparent and fully acknowledge that living on campus throughout this pandemic will have differences from what many may have hoped for when they chose to live on campus. For academic year 2021, RLSH will have students in double rooms and all students are required to be vaccinated per UNM's vaccine mandate. We encourage students to be communicative if they feeling isolated or lonely— we can help connect you to your peers and others on campus. We believe that by working together we can create and maintain a safer environment for all our Resident Lobos and still have a uniquely on-campus living experience.  

* The contents of this page will be continually updated to reflect any new information that becomes available. *

If you have additional questions about the information below, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, linked on the right, before contacting the SRC Help Desk. If you still have questions after reviewing that page, please contact the SRC Help Desk at housing@unm.edu.




January, 12 2022 - Updated Masks & Vaccine Booster Requirement 

Our requirement for all Lobos to be fully vaccinated means making sure you also receive your booster shot, when eligible. We have been amazed and inspired by the response of students, staff, and faculty to our vaccination campaign, which has seen more than 96% of our faculty and staff, and 93% of our students, get vaccinated. The next step is to receive a vaccine booster as soon as you can once you are eligible, then let us know by reporting it on the Lobo Vaccine Verification portal. If you’re not certain when you’re eligible to receive your booster, you’ll find more information in our Student Guide.

And if you’re presently eligible for your booster, The University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) will be running a vaccination clinic in SUB Ballroom C this coming Saturday, January 22, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event code for the campus community is vaxthepack, and you’ll be able to use that code to schedule an appointment through the state website. The SUB clinic is also equipped to provide first or second Pfizer vaccination shots on that day as well, so there’s no better time to ensure you’re on your way to full vaccination.

While our vaccination requirement remains our most powerful tool in looking out for the safety of our community, a close second is our masking requirement. I’m pleased that our Lobos have been so conscientious about complying with the requirement for wearing masks indoors at all UNM facilities--but with new COVID-19 variants emerging, the cloth masks we’ve grown used to wearing just aren’t getting the job done in keeping out highly transmissible, smaller aerosols. As of today, UNM is requiring all students, staff, and faculty to wear three-ply (or better) medical/health procedure masks. Masks will be available for students in a variety of locations, including Johnson Recreation Center, the SUB, and high-traffic classroom buildings like Mitchell, Dane Smith, and Woodward Halls, and the Collaborative Teaching and Learning Building (CTLB).

You'll also find more information on Bring Back The PackIncluding new State requirements for quarantine or isolation in the event of an exposure to COVID-19 or a positive test. We also offer a wide variety of mental health resources and support.


December, 09 2021 - Vaccine Booster Requirement

Since implementing our vaccination requirement for the Lobo community in August 2021, we have continued to closely monitor public health conditions, trends, and related policies and health protocols. On December 2, 2021, the State of New Mexico issued an updated public health order requiring the vaccine booster for many state employees. UNM’s Health Sciences Center has already communicated its intent to require boosters for its employees, and we are now implementing a similar mandate requiring vaccine boosters for the rest of The University of New Mexico community.

The University of New Mexico will require all current employees and students to receive a booster dose of the vaccine when eligible according to the FDA. Individuals who received their second dose of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) on or before June 15, 2021, or their single dose of a viral vector vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) on or before October 15, 2021, must provide documentation of receipt of a booster dose no later than January 17, 2022.

If you received your second dose of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) after June 15, 2021, or your single dose of a viral vector vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) after October 15, 2021, you must provide documentation of receipt of a booster within four weeks of eligibility, according to criteria provided by the FDA (6 months after completing an initial two-dose mRNA vaccine series, and 2 months after receiving a viral vector vaccine).  

Please visit the New Mexico Department of Health Vaccine Registration System to check your booster eligibility and find a location to receive your shot. Once you’ve received your booster, simply update your status at the UNM Vaccine Verification Program site.

International students vaccinated with a vaccine from the World Health Organization Emergency Use List (WHO EUL) will also be asked to submit documentation of that vaccination; these students are recommended to be vaccinated again upon arrival in New Mexico using an FDA-approved vaccine and subsequently submit documentation of that vaccination. 

Some exemptions will be permitted, consistent with our existing vaccination mandate, so please consult our formal mandate for more information.

August, 10 2021 - Updated Vaccine and Mask Policies

A critical part of making our return as safe as possible is ensuring every Lobo is vaccinated. If you’re already vaccinated, please visit UNM’s vaccine verification site to upload your documentation. And if you’re one of the more than 11,000 Lobos who have already uploaded your documentation, thank you.

 How To Get Vaccinated

If you haven't been vaccinated yet, we want to make is as easy as possible for you. We've opened an on-site COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in the Student Union Building (SUB) Atrium, where you can receive your free vaccine, with no appointment required—just walk in.

Vaccination at the SUB clinic is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to  2 p.m., as well as on two Saturdays, August 14 and August 21 (also from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

Lobo Village will host additions vaccination clinics on August 20 and August 23. COVID-19 vaccination at a number of alternate locations may also be scheduled through the New Mexico Department of Health COVID-19 vaccine site. 

Exemptions and Regular PCR Testing

We also understand that there will be some who are unable to be vaccinated; for that reason, we are offering limited exemptions to the mandate.

If you believe you qualify for an exemption, you may complete an exemption form, which you will then upload through the UNM vaccination verification site. The request will be reviewed by the Office of Compliance, Ethics, and Equal Opportunity (CEEO), and you’ll be notified by e-mail if you’ve been granted an exemption.

If so, you’ll need to be prepared to receive periodic e-mail requests to upload proof of a negative result for COVID-19 (PCR test) for samples collected and tested within 7 days of the upload. For more information, or if you have questions, we’re providing lots of information on the Bring Back the Pack website.

Learn More About Vaccines

Plenty of excellent science and evidence-based information is also available from our Health Sciences Center. We encourage you to explore their #10to100 website, where you can find the answers to questions you may have. How are vaccines developed, and how do they work?  Are they safe to take if you’re pregnant or nursing? Our Lobo doctors and experts provide you with real answers, based on real science and real experiences.

Current Mask Policy

Please remember that The University of New Mexico presently requires masks to be worn indoors by all individuals, vaccinated and unvaccinated, at all locations on the UNM Albuquerque, Gallup, McKinley, Taos, and Valencia campuses, as well as our regional site in Sandoval County. Masks must be worn in any indoor group setting, including classrooms. All students, faculty, staff, and visitors should wear their masks at all times in UNM buildings unless they are eating, drinking, or in an office alone.

August, 5 2021 - UNM Vaccine Mandate for The Fall 2021 Semester

The UNM Board of Regents has endorsed a mandatory vaccination requirement, necessitating all Lobo students, faculty, and staff to be fully vaccinated as quickly as possible, but no later than Thursday, September 30th. With the support of the Regents, this policy will go into effect beginning Thursday, August 5th

This is not a decision that has been made lightly and is, for the safety and well-being of our communities, a necessary and responsible course correction. UNM has had for some time a vaccination requirement under consideration; earlier this year, we issued a draft policy for public comment, which was discussed at a number of public meetings and town halls. When we made the determination on July 8th that we would encourage, though not require, vaccination, we were optimistic that this approach, with the addition of incentive programs, would sufficiently inspire the Lobo community to get fully vaccinated.

Unfortunately, as infections have increased around the state and the nation, our vaccination rate has not kept pace in a manner sufficient to ensure we can protect our community from a similar outbreak. In short, with cases of COVID and its variants slowly increasing, if we wish to return to a fully operational campus in a manner that protects the safety of our community, encouraging vaccination and mask-wearing is not enough.

We are certain you have questions. Let us take a moment to answer a few of them—and we will, of course, continue to keep you advised through our Bringing Back the Pack website.

Our mandatory vaccination policy applies to all UNM personnel and students who access UNM facilities, housing, programs, services, and activities located on the Main Campus and Academic Health Sciences Campus in Albuquerque and the Branch Campuses at Gallup, Los Alamos, Taos, and Valencia. Campus facilities include, but are not limited to, office buildings, libraries, classrooms, dormitories, research laboratories, dining facilities, student centers, athletics facilities, entertainment venues, gymnasiums and university buses and shuttles. This policy does not apply to employees of UNM Hospitals, UNM Medical Group and the Sandoval Regional Medical Center, as these UNM entities have specific policies pertaining to their employees and facilities.

We understand that there are some who will not be able to be vaccinated, due to disability, medical condition, or sincere religious belief.

Disability/Serious Medical Condition
If a covered individual cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to a qualifying disability/serious medical condition or medical contraindications or precautions recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or CDC, a request for a reasonable accommodation must be submitted to the Compliance, Ethics, and Equal Opportunity Office for employees including faculty and student employees. A person who is granted a reasonable accommodation may be required to adhere to additional safety measures to ensure the health and safety of the individual and the University community, including but not limited to asymptomatic surveillance testing and symptomatic testing.

Students requiring medical/disability accommodations in their academic environment must submit a request to the Accessibility Resource Center.

A reasonable accommodation to the COVID-19 mandatory vaccine policy may be granted based on a person’s sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance. A request for reasonable accommodation must be submitted to the Compliance, Ethics, and Equal Opportunity Office. A person who is granted a reasonable accommodation may be required to adhere to additional safety measures to ensure the health and safety of the individual and the University community, including but not limited to asymptomatic surveillance and symptomatic testing.

Under this action, all staff, faculty, and students are expected to follow all existing policies and guidelines requiring COVID-safe practices, including appropriate use of either personal protective equipment and/or face coverings, social and physical distancing, frequent handwashing and cleaning, and regular surveillance testing.

All employees and students must provide documentation of full vaccination using a vaccine authorized by FDA License or under an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). International students vaccinated with a vaccine from the World Health Organization Emergency Use List (EUL) may submit documentation of that vaccination; these students are recommended to be vaccinated again upon arrival in New Mexico using an FDA-approved vaccine and subsequently submit documentation of that vaccination. A website for the purpose of these uploads will be available. Employees and students that have already provided proof of vaccine status are not required to resubmit proof documents.

While available vaccines are under EUA, UNM employees and students may request a temporary exemption to this vaccination policy. Such employees and students will be subject to regular COVID testing, requiring that upon demand they produce documentation of a negative COVID-19 test within seven days of such request, with the sample having been collected within seven days of submission of the test result. Once any vaccine for COVID-19 is available under regular FDA License, this exception by test will no longer be available. COVID-19 testing required under this exemption will be at the expense of the employee or student seeking the exemption; the State of New Mexico has contracted with a test provider that currently will provide tests free of charge and use of this service is encouraged.

To protect the health of our community, all employees and students who are not vaccinated may be subject to restrictions on access to UNM facilities, including but not limited to Johnson Center Gym, Student Union Building (SUB), University Libraries, and various events. Other limitations on their access to university programs may be imposed for the safety of the UNM community.

Employees working entirely remotely can request an exemption on that basis. This request must attest that the employee will not access any university site or facility at any of our campus locations for any purpose and must be endorsed by the employee’s supervisor. An exemption form will be provided to make this request, which must be signed by the employee and supervisor, and then uploaded by the employee at the vaccination verification site.

Students who are completing a remote online program while residing outside New Mexico during the Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 semesters may request an exception to the vaccination requirement. An exemption form will be provided to make this request, which must be signed by the student and the dean of the student’s academic unit, and then uploaded by the student at the vaccination verification site.

While this new mandate goes into effect on August 5th, individuals who upload proof of full vaccination by August 31st will continue to be eligible for the previously announced Vax the Pack incentives. In addition, the State of New Mexico has just announced that any New Mexico resident who gets vaccinated by August 31st will receive $100.

New Mexicans aged 12 and up are eligible for a free vaccine, so if you have not yet done so, please schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine at a location near you. It’s safe and easy, but if you need more information on vaccines and how they work, the UNM #10to100 website can help answer your questions. To make things even more convenient, a vaccination clinic is now open at the Student Union Building (SUB) Atrium on the UNM Main Campus, running Monday thru Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. now through August 27. There will be additional Saturday dates on August 14th and 21st, also from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

In addition to implementing a vaccination requirement, UNM has also been following recommendations from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by requiring everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask indoors at all UNM locations in Albuquerque, Taos, Valencia, and Sandoval. This masking policy went into effect Monday, August 2, 2021. We know that it has been difficult for those who have experienced the freedom of going without a mask after being fully vaccinated to have to mask up again. We thank you for doing so—we are protecting others while we push to reduce this pandemic’s impact on our lives.

We appreciate your continued diligence and commitment to your own health and that of others.

Get vaccinated.

July, 29 2021 - Indoor Mask Policy For The Fall 2021 Semester

All students, faculty, staff and visitors should wear their masks at all times in UNM buildings unless they are eating, drinking, or in an office alone.  Please help us continue good public health practices (handwashing; staying home when ill; physical distancing, when possible; mask wearing, etc.) so we all stay safe and healthy.  This policy aligns with the current HSC policy for all individuals to wear masks in indoor settings, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, giving us a consistent policy for all our sites in Albuquerque. 

Vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks outdoors, or in their assigned rooms in our residence halls. 

This masking policy will be revisited as we continue to watch the relevant data on disease progression, including community transmission, test positivity rates, and rates of spread. 

 The best way to bring the community transmission down remains to be vaccinated.  Please sign up to be fully vaccinated at https://goodtimes.vaccinenm.org/good-times/.

 UNM is still providing incentives to students and some employees to be fully vaccinated.  Learn more at https://bringbackthepack.unm.edu/protecting-the-pack/vax-the-pack.html

July 15, 2021 - Vaccinations and The Fall 2021 Semester

For the Fall 2021 semester, and for the first time since March 2020, we’ll be back to full operations, which means we’ll be conducting classes in person with options for hybrid and online learning as well and returning to the kinds of group activities that are a vital part of a vibrant campus experience.

At UNM, we often say that each of us defines all of us; in this case, each of us also protects all of us. Getting vaccinated is the best thing you can do to ensure our campus and our community remain safe and remain open—and that we can all have an incredible Fall 2021 semester.

If you’re not yet vaccinated, there’s no better time than now to do so. It’s quick, it’s safe, it’s free, and it’s easy to do—so make your appointment at a vaccination site near you. Even better, starting today, we’re making it more worth your time and effort by providing some great incentives for students, faculty, and staff to get our main and branch campuses on the road to 100% vaccinated.

  • For students registered for Fall 2021:upload proof of your COVID-19 vaccination—whether you get your shot now, or received it months ago—and UNM will transfer $100 onto your bursar’s account. It’s that easy.

If you have previously reported your status as vaccinated, but haven’t yet uploaded the appropriate documentation, you’ll need to log in and upload the materials.

Don’t have your documentation on hand? The State of New Mexico has you covered; log in to Vaxview NM to easily access your records. For more information on our incentive programs, please click here.

If health reasons preclude you from getting vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask. And if you are vaccinated, but want to continue wearing a mask, we encourage you to do so. We want all Lobos feeling as safe and supported as we possibly can. The continued health and safety of our community is paramount-and depends on all of us to do our part.

June 17, 2021 - Returning to campus in August

  1. Masks: Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask but those who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask while on UNM property. Vaccinated individuals may still choose to wear a mask; please be respectful of others’ choices.
  2. Physical Distancing: Fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to physically distance themselves, except where specifically required as identified by signage.
  3. Daily Symptom Screening: UNM plans to discontinue this attestation process when the requirement is officially lifted by the governor, which is expected to occur around mid-July. Employees and students should continue to complete the screening as long as they are receiving the daily emails.
  4. COVID-19 Symptoms/Positive Case Reporting: Employees and students who experience symptoms of COVID-19 or who are diagnosed with COVID-19 must continue to follow the Self-Reporting Guidelines until further notice.
  5. Vaccines: The COVID-19 vaccination is not currently required for UNM employees or students. The feedback collected on the Proposed Vaccination Policy is under review and a decision is pending. Being vaccinated is the best defense against the virus, both for individuals and for our community; therefore, UNM highly encourages vaccination against COVID-19.


April 12, 2021 - Double Rooms for Fall 21

UNM Housing is very excited to announce that we will be offering DOUBLE ROOM assignments and fuller apartments for the 2021-2022 Academic Year!

We offer Traditional Halls, Suites and Apartment Style on-campus housing.


Caveat—Room Assignments policies are subject to change based upon UNM COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Limited Operations. See Bringing Back the Pack for current information.

January 5, 2021 - Coming back for Spring 21

As always, our priority is to provide information in a concise and clear fashion. In welcoming our Lobos back to the lair, we are providing some examples of timely instruction and expectations related to Coronavirus to make the transition back as comfortable as possible.

For our complete listing of Spring 2021 COVID Expectations, CLICK HERE.


This spring, the move-in process has been designed to limit the number of people in each space and hopefully reduce interactions between residents, and to do our best to separate out-of-state students from in-state students. Students will need to arrive, check-in, and move-in to their assigned space during their selected time block.

We will have two time-blocks during the move-in days allocated (which are outlined below): 9A-1P, 1P5P. We will be allowing a maximum of 10% of the building occupancy to move-in during each timeslot. Out-of-State students will need to select a timeslot between Monday, January 11 and Wednesday, January 13. We are asking out-of-state students to return early enough that they can immediately begin their self-monitoring period within the residence halls.

In-State students will need to select a timeslot between Thursday, January 14 and Sunday, January 17. We are asking in-state students to wait to move into campus to give a window of time between the arrival of out-of-state and in-state students to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

The move-in sign-up is currently available for students to begin selecting a move-in. Students will be able to select via their housing dashboard, which is accessible here: https://unmresidence.symplicity.com. Students will receive notice back confirming or denying their requested selection time. Students who are denied will be instructed to reselect a time with additional instructions to aid their selection.

Students must select a move-in time no later than 5:00PM on Friday, January 8, 2021. Students who do not select a move-in time will be assigned a time from the remaining available timeslots, and they will be notified of their assigned check-in time on Monday, January 11, 2020.

UNM has enacted several testing, quarantine, and isolation procedures for the safety of our community.
Please read this section fully to understand what may be required of you.

Required Testing
All positive COVID-19 cases are reviewed by a committee of medical and public health professionals who are authorized to take appropriate action to ensure the health and safety of the individual and the community, including isolation, additional cleaning, and invitations for testing of additional individuals. Students who are identified as a potential exposure or contact by this committee are referred for testing through a testing service provided by UNM Student Health & Counseling. Any resident who receives the referral for testing is required to complete the test; refusal to get a test once referred may result in a report to the Dean of Student’s Office and review for action under the Student Code of Conduct.

Isolation for Positive Cases
RLSH has set aside a portion of the residential area for those in need of isolation due to contracting COVID-19. Regardless of RLSH setting aside space, the best place for isolation is not in on-campus housing. If a resident can safely go home or elsewhere because they live locally or have family nearby, they should. If a resident does not live locally or have family nearby, then UNM RLSH will work to try to accommodate them. Please note, RLSH cannot guarantee a space for all.

Space will be limited and only available for UNM students who currently live in on-campus housing, are enrolled in classes, and are well enough to be on their own (as determined by a medical professional). Students who need medical attention that cannot be delivered remotely should be hospitalized or make other arrangements.

RLSH has been working closely with UNM Student Health and Counseling throughout this pandemic, and RLSH and SHAC will continue to coordinate the use of the dedicated isolation space. At the direction of SHAC or other medical professionals, RLSH may require a student to move into the isolation space and remain there until medically cleared to return to their original space. There are instances where student who is tested and in quarantine while awaiting results may also be required to move to the isolation space until test results are received.

Students will be expected to follow all additional requirements of isolation as outlined in an agreement electronically signed at the time of the move to isolation. Students who are found to have failed to follow the requirements of isolation may have their license agreement terminated and will no longer be permitted to remain in campus housing for the duration of the isolation period and/or for the remainder of the academic year.

Quarantine for Exposure
UNM has determined, in many instances, it is possible to allow students to quarantine in their originally assigned spaces, as long as they follow all the safety procedures covered by SHAC or RLSH at the time they are put on notice of quarantine.

RLSH has been working closely with UNM Student Health and Counseling throughout this pandemic, and RLSH and SHAC will continue to coordinate on necessary quarantine for students. At the direction of SHAC or other medical professionals, a student to may be required to quarantine in their assigned space for various lengths of time. This information will be provided to residents at the time they are notified of the requirement to quarantine. Students will be expected to follow all additional requirements or quarantine. Students who are found to have failed to follow the requirements of quarantine may have their license agreement terminated and will no longer be permitted to remain in campus housing for the duration of the isolation period and/or for the remainder of the academic year.

Required Self-Monitoring Period for all Out-of-State Travel
At the time of distribution of this document, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has ordered a 14-day quarantine for visitors to New Mexico, and the plan provided below should be followed by any student who travels out of state. We ask for your patience as we continue to monitor the changing situation and note that our guidance may evolve. We recommend self-monitoring and self-isolating while at home BEFORE traveling both in and out of New Mexico to further reduce the probability of infection and for added safety. Please note that self-isolating before returning to New Mexico does not decrease the 14-day self-monitoring period outlined below, it is just added safety for you and others. It does not matter if you have been tested before you arrive, you must follow these instructions.

Students arriving or returning from out-of-state locations are required to self-monitor for 14 days. During this time, students in our residence halls must restrict personal interactions on campus. Students not abiding by these rules are subject to disciplinary proceedings under the Student Code of Conduct.


  1. Follow all the protocols of check-in for access to the Residence Halls.
  2. Self-monitor and self-isolate BEFORE traveling to New Mexico.
  3. Begin responding to the UNM Daily Screening email upon arrival.
  4. Immediately self-report symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test on the COVID-19 reporting
    website; if reporting a positive case, immediately stop using any shared facilities and contact
    your RA for further instructions.
  5. Be prepared to move to isolation or quarantine space if directed.
  6. Attend classes remotely, NOT in person, during the 14-day self-monitoring period.
  7. Utilize carryout or mobile ordering pickup for food service (UNM food locations may be available
    for mobile ordering on Grubhub Campus Dining).
  8. Adhere to all advisories on social distancing and mask requirements, as well as all other
    residence hall policies.
  9. Wipe bathroom surfaces with sanitizer/disinfectant before and after use.
  10. Maximize social distancing at all times.
  11. Limit visits to shopping venues (grocery stores, bookstores) to a bare minimum; utilize on-line
    options, the UNM Bookstore delivers to the halls.
  12. Avoid areas of campus with groups of people, library, computer pods, SUB.
  13. Wash hands several times per day, preferable at least every two hours.
  14. Take your temperature at least twice per day with the thermometer included in your welcome
    kit; self-report if your temperature becomes elevated above 100.4 degrees.
  15. Avoid taking public transit or riding campus shuttles unless necessary.
  16. Avoid elevators.
  17. Avoid laundry facilities during peak times.
  18. Follow all instructional signage in buildings re single direction in order to maintain proper safe


  1. Do Not attend in-person classes during the 14-day self-monitoring period.
  2. Do Not enter La Posada (while open), rather use meal swipes for carry out at SRC Market or any
    swipe-and-go location.
  3. Do Not visit dine in restaurants or food service operations.
  4. Do Not allow others into your bedroom space – you alone should be there.
  5. Do Not utilize shared spaces like lounges, common areas, or kitchens.
  6. Do Not attend mass gatherings, including religious observances, even within social distancing

Living on campus through this pandemic involves the shared responsibility to help keep everyone safe and healthy. We outlined all the following information at the beginning of the fall semester and will maintain these expectations for the duration of the academic year.

Continued Amended Policies
RLSH will be implementing policies and practices with the goal of the safety of our residents and the greater community. These policies may evolve over the course of the semester, and the most updated version of expectations can always be found online at http://housing.unm.edu/coronavirus.html. RLSH will also include information in the Residence Hall Handbook, which will be electronically provided to you at move-in and will be available online at http://housing.unm.edu/current-students/expectations--conduct.html.

Guests & Gathering Limits
Until further notice, absolutely no guests, except for personal care attendants for students with accommodations, will be permitted in the residence halls at any time. Guests are any person who is not assigned to live in the specific residence hall. Residents may only congregate or socialize, while maintaining social distancing and face coverings, in the residence halls with students who live in their specific assigned residence hall. Students are only permitted to be present in the residence hall to which they are assigned.

Additionally, students are only permitted to have one other person in their room at any time throughout the semester. Apartment style halls may only have 2 additional persons present in the apartment at any time. All persons present in any given room must all live in the same residence hall. Any resident groups outside the residence halls but within the outdoor areas monitored by RLSH must abide by current group-size limits set at the department, university,
city, state, or federal level.

RLSH has eliminated double rooms until further notice due to the risk posed by students sleeping in close proximity to each other. Due to this restriction, RLSH will also be prohibiting overnight guests in student rooms.

Students found responsible for violating the guest policy should expect, at minimum, they will lose all visitor (limited to persons who live in the same hall) privileges and will be prohibited from having any other persons in their assigned space for the remainder of the semester. Additionally, if it is found that the guest policy is being violated at the same time other RLSH policies are being violated, it is exceedingly likely that the housing contract for the involved residents will be canceled and they will be expected to vacate university housing. The only guest exception is during housing move-in and the planned end of semester closure when students will be permitted to have one guest assist them with the moving process during their move-in timeframe. Additional details related to guest presence at the planned end of semester closure will be released during the fall semester and will be dependent on the status of the health situation.

Any student requesting an individual exception to this policy should reach out to us at housing@unm.edu to be directed to the best individual to evaluate your request. Housing, other university staff, or emergency personnel with a legitimate business, health, or safety need for their presence in a residence hall may enter any of the residence halls, provided they are wearing appropriate face coverings.

Face Coverings
Per the public health order requiring all those in New Mexico to wear a face covering anytime they are not eating or drinking, and the University directive requiring all students to wear face coverings unless they are in their assigned dorm room, all residents are required to wear face coverings anytime they are outside of their assigned bed-space. In traditional and suite style halls, bed-spaces are considered the room a resident occupies. In apartments, bed-spaces are the individual rooms within the apartment, therefore the requirement for wearing face coverings includes the kitchen and living rooms.

For students who believe wearing a face covering will pose an undue burden based on a documented disability, we encourage you to work with the Accessibility Resource Center to request a reasonable accommodation. In the instance that any RLSH staff must enter the individual student apartments or rooms, students will be required to wear a face covering while the RLSH staff is present. Students who do not wear a face covering in the residence halls will be addressed through the residential conduct process; but may also be subject to additional disciplinary proceedings under the Student Code of Conduct, through the Dean of Students office. 

Roommate Agreements
Historically, RLSH has strongly encouraged students to complete a roommate agreement. This year, roommate agreements will be required for those living in the apartment and suite style residence halls. These agreements will set the foundation for how each apartment will assure accountability within the apartment for the part we all play to keep each other safe.



October 13, 2020 - Information About Closures

We will strive to provide a clear outline of what moving out will look like for the winter recess, and be as transparent and upfront as possible with you about our process if some or all of housing would need to close throughout the semester. For all financial information related to hall closures, please see the Financial Adjustments section of this document.


We are optimistic that RLSH will be able to operate the residence halls for the complete fall semester, and to that end will be closing the main campus traditional residence halls at 2:00PM on Saturday, December 12, 2020, as originally outlined in the housing contract. RLSH is planning that the main campus apartments (SRC and RVA), as well as Rainforest and Student Family Housing, will remain open for the duration of winter recess. UNM has outlined a change to the fall course calendar which includes the removal of fall break and the end of in-person coursework on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. RLSH recognizes that for some students this means you will plan to travel or leave campus at Thanksgiving break and not return until the spring semester begins; therefore students who check-out of their residence hall room at Thanksgiving will be given a CREDIT toward the spring portion of their housing contract. To be clear, a credit is not a refund; credits are funds which are applied to future housing charges. Any credits would be subject to discounts for scholarship, financial aid, and merit and/or grant aid. The credit amount will be 10% of the fall semester room rate charge, and only offered to those who fulfill all the following conditions:

  • The student returns their keys to the appropriate area or SRC desk no later than 8AM on Monday, November 30, 2020;
  •  The student packs their rooms according to the instructions in this document for End of Semester Closure; and
  • Returns to campus enrolled for at least 6 credits in the spring semester, and completes the spring check-in procedures to return to your room no later than the second day of class for the spring semester

Students who depart for the fall semester, either at Thanksgiving or in December, will be permitted to leave belongings in their rooms only if all items left in the room are packed into a “speed-pak” box which RLSH will provide to each student that needs one. Students will only get one box to pack their belongings and everything must either fit in the box or be taken with the resident at the time they leave the residence hall. Please see the section on “Moving Out & Managing Belongings” that outlines what you will be expected to do with your belongings in the instance that you are required to depart from campus.

RLSH is identifying four types of unanticipated closures:

  • Partial Closure - the closing of individual residence halls;
    • A partial closure would likely be the result of a cluster spread of COVID-19 related to a specific residence hall
    • o FOR EXAMPLE: there is spread showing in “X” Hall, but other residence halls appear unaffected; we may close only “X” Hall while keeping the other residence halls open
  • Intermittent Closure - the closure of all residence halls for a short-term basis;
    •  An intermittent closure would likely be the result of a cluster spread of COVID-19 within multiple residence hall communities, or related to a campus wide decision to reduce the density and presence of people on campus for a period of time, well before the planned end of the semester, with the intent to return people to campus before the end of the semester
    • FOR EXAMPLE: in early October UNM determines that main campus should return to limited operations for a 3 week period but plans to return at the beginning of November. The residence halls would close for the duration that UNM is on limited operations and only those who demonstrate an absolute need to stay would be allowed to remain in on campus housing.
  • Early Semester Closure - the closure of the residence halls for a short-term basis which immediately precedes the originally planned end of the semester;
    • o An early semester closure would likely be related to a campus wide decision to reduce the density and presence of people on campus for a period of time, which precedes the planned end of the semester closure, with the intent to return people to campus at the beginning of the next semester
    • FOR EXAMPLE: on November 10, UNM determines that campus should return to limited operations and does not plan to return to full operation until the spring semester. The residence halls would close for the duration that UNM is on limited operations and only those who demonstrate and absolute need to stay would be allowed to remain in on campus housing.
  • Contract Termination Closure - the closure of the residence halls which result in the early termination of the entire remaining housing contract term.
    • A contract termination closure would be related to a campus wide decision to reduce the density and presence of people on campus without the foreseeable return to campus for the duration of the housing contract. As a permanent reference point on the details related to RLSH’s unanticipated closure plan, and any updates we make throughout the semester, please visit: http://housing.unm.edu/coronavirus.html. We will maintain this page with any information related to closures throughout the semester/year, and where appropriate we will email those updates to students via their UNM email.

In the event there is a partial or intermittent closure, it is possible that you may be asked to:


a: Relocate to another residence hall; and/or

b: Depart from campus, unless granted an exception to remain.

The next section outlines what you will be expected to do with your belongings in the instance that you are required to depart from campus.

In the instance that RLSH must institute a partial, intermittent, or early semester closure, all affected residents will be required to vacate the residence halls within five (5) calendar days of RLSH releasing notice of the closure.

Residents will be expected to complete an Express Check-Out and potentially return keys (depending on the type and anticipated duration of the closure). This will be done at the SRC desk for any main campus residents and at the Rainforest desk for any residents at Rainforest.
Residents will be permitted to leave belongings in their rooms only if all items left in the room are packed into a “speed-pak” box which RLSH will provide to each student that needs one. Students will only get one box to pack their belongings into and everything must either fit in the box or be taken with the resident at the time they leave the residence hall.
If any of these temporary closures transition into a contract termination closure, RLSH will work with a local moving and storage company to remove the speed-paks from student rooms. Any student wishing to have their belongings shipped to them will be responsible for the full pre-paid cost of shipping and coordinating that request according to the instructions RLSH will provide at the time of the closure. Any belongings in student rooms which are not packed into the provided speed-pak will not be boxed, moved, or stored by the moving company; these unpacked belongings will be removed from the room and discarded.
For those residents not wishing to cover the cost of shipping, RLSH will pay for the cost of storage for 4 months after the closure. Students will need to make arrangements directly with the storage company to collect their belongings within the 4-month timeframe. Responsibility for any belongings remaining in storage after the 4-months will transfer to the resident to assume the cost of continued storage of their belongings.

Should the original closure announcement be a contract termination closure, all residents will be required to vacate the residence halls within five calendar days of RLSH releasing notice of the closure, and residents will be responsible for removing all of their belongings at the time they vacate. Any belongings left behind will be removed from rooms and discarded. RLSH will not pack, store, move, or ship any belongings left behind by residents if a contract termination closure is announced.

In the instance a student is unable to take all their belongings at the time they vacate, they can request a speed-pak and will be provided information for local moving and storage for coordinating their own moving and storage solution.
RLSH anticipates it will maintain a very limited exception process for students who demonstrate an absolute need to stay on campus in the event of a contact termination closure.



July 17, 2020 - Release of Fall 2020 Detailed Housing Overview and Re-Entry Plan

Today, via UNM email, all students who have been assigned a room with RLSH on main campus or at LoboRainforest have received the mid-July communication that has been referred to many times throughout the summer in our previous emails—and contains some important and new information about a) move-in procedures, b) the option to limit interactions and self-monitor for fourteen (14) days in one of our UNM communities, and c) much more about living on campus. 

UNM has continued to engage in careful and comprehensive planning in recent weeks as we prepare to reopen our campus and begin the new academic year. Our planning is guided by two fundamental priorities: promoting the health and safety of our entire campus community and ensuring an excellent academic experience for you.

Please refer to your email with the subject line: "UNM Student Housing: Detailed Fall Overview", and please refer to the following links/documents which were attached and contain all the shared information: