UNM Housing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

For Fall 2020, in order to make the recommended social distancing possible in the residential living environment, we will be assigning only one resident per room in traditional and suite style residence halls. As a result of taking these measures to protect student health, we will have fewer total housing spaces available than usual. Unfortunately, some students will be on a waiting list for fall housing.  Any student on a waiting list should monitor their emails carefully for information.

Following COVID Safe Practices for the wellbeing of our residents will require some different processes that will impact the fall on-campus living experience. During the summer, we are finalizing details on residence hall move in, public area cleaning, guest policies, requirements for face coverings and limits on gatherings. These will be communicated before the fall and will be covered in a housing contract addendum that students will receive.

Although the experience may be different, we are truly excited to welcome our residents to campus this fall. We believe that working together we can create and maintain a safer environment for all our Resident Lobos.

* The contents of this page will be continually updated to reflect any new information that becomes available. *

If you have additional questions about the information below, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, linked on the right, before contacting the SRC Help Desk. If you still have questions after reviewing that page, please contact the SRC Help Desk at housing@unm.edu.


July 17, 2020 - Release of Fall 2020 Detailed Housing Overview and Re-Entry Plan

Today, via UNM email, all students who have been assigned a room with RLSH on main campus or at LoboRainforest have received the mid-July communication that has been referred to many times throughout the summer in our previous emails—and contains some important and new information about a) move-in procedures, b) the option to limit interactions and self-monitor for fourteen (14) days in one of our UNM communities, and c) much more about living on campus. 

UNM has continued to engage in careful and comprehensive planning in recent weeks as we prepare to reopen our campus and begin the new academic year. Our planning is guided by two fundamental priorities: promoting the health and safety of our entire campus community and ensuring an excellent academic experience for you.

Please refer to your email with the subject line: "UNM Student Housing: Detailed Fall Overview", and please refer to the following links/documents which were attached and contain all the shared information:

June 12, 2020 - Summary of email regarding Exception Process

RLSH knows that for some students who have been placed on the waitlist, living on campus provides the safest and most stable environment and therefore living on campus is critical for your academic success. This update outlines the Waitlist Exception Request process for waitlisted students, in order to request an exception from the waitlist, to request assigned housing for this fall.

Students who need to request a waitlist exception must complete a “Waitlist Exception Request” by Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 11:59PM for review and approval. This exception request is available by logging in here (https://unm-residence.symplicity.com/). All students who have completed the form by June 21 will have their cases reviewed and, if approved, will be allowed to select a room between June 23 and 24; students will receive notice of the decision regarding their exception request on June 23.

We do not anticipate that we will be able to approve all exception requests, therefore it is imperative that students completing the requests provide as much information regarding your circumstance as possible, to provide the deciding committee all the necessary information to evaluate your situation. Given the timeline for this process, there will be no opportunity for the committee to request clarifying information from students requesting exceptions. Note too, all students who were designated Tier 3 now have the “Waitlist Exception Request” available to them and can begin to review and complete the form. 

June 8, 2020 - Update to the Fall Assignments Process

Students have been sent an individualized email that indicates what Assignment Tier they are in, and details about the assignment process and/or information about the waiting list.  Students should read the contents of their email carefully, especially related to process, dates and instructions to follow.