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UNM Housing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

UNM Residence Life & Student Housing strives to promote and maintain a safe, healthy living and learning environment for all of our residents, staff, and visitors. In conjunction with UNM and trusted authorities, UNM Residence Life & Student Housing is closely monitoring the public health concerns regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to make the best decisions possible for our community. The contents of this page will be continually updated to reflect any new information that becomes available.

 If you have additional questions about the information below, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, linked on the right, before contacting the SRC Help Desk. If you still have questions after reviewing that page, you can contact the SRC Help Desk at


March 19, 2020

In the interest of your safety, the safety of our community and of our state, we find it necessary to reduce the number of students who are living in university housing.

The Governor recently directed that all persons traveling into New Mexico from outside the state shall self-isolate for 14 days and monitor themselves for symptoms. The self-isolation directive will be difficult to implement for students living on-campus due to the shared environments of hallways, bathrooms, and other common areas. Therefore, all residents living on main campus in Alvarado, Coronado, Hokona, Laguna/DeVargas, Redondo Village Apartments, Santa Clara, SRC Apartments, and Casas del Rio should make plans to move off campus by Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

The remainder of this page pertains only to Residence Life & Student Housing residents. ACC residents will receive separate information.

We recognize that for some students the residence halls will remain the safest or most stable place to stay, and
we will provide housing for those few students. For students who need to remain on campus, they must
complete a “Limited Operations Housing Exception Request” by Friday, March 20, 2020 at 1:00PM for review
and approval. This form is available on your Residence Dashboard.

All students who have completed the form by 1:00PM will receive notice by Friday evening of the decision
regarding their request to stay; not all requests will be granted. Please refer to the “Limited Operations Housing
Exception Request” for the criteria on which requests will be evaluated; we will be prioritizing those students
who cannot go home due to significant extenuating circumstances.

Financial support for currently enrolled students may be available the Dean of Student’s Office short term loan
program; please visit the Dean of Student's Office for more information

For the limited number of students who remain on campus, we may need to move your housing assignment as
needed. Additionally, there will be limited university services provided to students who are approved to remain
on campus. Food options will continue to be available via the SRC Market and/or La Posada via take-out
only. All other food and beverage locations throughout campus will remain closed until further notice.

For those who do move out, we highly encourage you to make choices which move you to a safe and healthy


A prorated refund for your housing and meal plan (if applicable) charges for the spring semester will be posted
to student Bursar accounts.


Residents Currently On-Campus or Within the State of New Mexico

Residents must remove their items from their rooms and complete their check-out by Tuesday, March 24,
2020. Residents will pick up an express check-out packet from the SRC desk and should return it to the area
desk for their residence hall area or the SRC desk at the time they move out.

Residents Currently Off-Campus and Outside the State of New Mexico

Residents who are currently off-campus and outside the State of New Mexico will be permitted to return to the
residence halls between now and Tuesday, March 24 to remove your belongings and complete a checkout.
Residents will pick up an express check-out packet from the SRC desk and should return it to the area desk
for their residence hall area or the SRC desk at the time they move out.

For Any Resident Unable to Move-out by March 24

For any resident who hasn’t completed a check-out by Tuesday, March 24, you will be contacted by RLSH
to make arrangements on how to collect your belongings. You will not be permitted in the residence halls after
March 24 without prior arrangements.