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General Registration For Spring 2023 UNM Housing is Open!  


Housing availability is very limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who are subject to the Freshman Residency Requirement will be prioritized to meet the FRR.



Spring 2023 Key Dates:

Winter Intersession Residents return to their traditional & suite rooms: Jan 10, 2023

Traditional halls re-open: Jan 12, 2023

Spring 2023 classes start: Jan 17, 2023




Key Dates 2022:

REMINDER: You will receive an email from UNM Housing to let you know exactly what time and day to sign in for your room selection.

May 2, 11:59: Registration deadline for early bird discount

May 2 - June 10: UNM Housing Registration Round 1 (If you register during this period, you're in round 1)

June 10, 11:59pm:Registration deadline for Round 1 Housing Assignments

  • All students who register by 11:59pm on June 10 will be added to roommate selection as they complete their housing registration and will begin picking June 14

May 6 - June 6: Round 1 Roommate Selection

June 14, 1pm - June 26, 11:59pm: Round 1 Room Selection

July 1: Round 1 room assignment notification released

June 11- July 5:  UNM Housing Registration Round 2 (If you register during this period, you're in round 2)

  • Students who apply during this time will not have a roommate matching timeframe, but can coordinate their roommates if they work together/communicate with the person they want to live with as they are selecting rooms. Room selection will be July 8-18

July 8, 1pm - July 18, 11:59pm: Round 2 Room Selection

Anyone who does not select a room by 11:59 on July 18 will be added to round 3 (July 19 - 21) for one last chance to pick a room. Assignment notices for this group will go out at the same time as assignment notices for round 3, on July 22.

July 6 - 18: UNM Housing Registration Round 3 (If you register during this period, you're in round 3)

  • Students who apply during this time will not have a roommate matching timeframe, but can coordinate their roommates if they work together/communicate with the person they want to live with as they are selecting rooms. Room selection will be July 19-21

July 19, 1pm - July 21, 11:59pm: Round 3 Room Selection

July 6, 11:59pm:Deadline for $0 cancellation fee (EXTENDED THROUGH AUGUST 17TH)

July 22: Send out assignment emails to all in round 2 and 3

Round 3 registrations who did not select a room by 11:59p on July 21 will be auto-assigned.

All registrations for UNM Housing on or after July 19 will be auto-assigned into available spaces based on preferences. Assignment notices will go out once weekly on Thursdays—so July 28, Aug 4, Aug 11, and Aug 18.

August 12-14: Early Move-In for 2022-2023

  • Students who wish to move-in early (Aug 12 - 14) may register to do so via their Residence Dashboard for a flat fee of $175.

August 17, 11:59pm: Newest Deadline for $0 cancellation fee (as of 8.8.2022)

August 18-21: 9am-5pm Halls Open for 2022-2023

  • All Residence Halls open for Fall 2022 move-in from 9a - 5p. 


Summer Housing Dates:

May 14 will be when the 13 week begins

Intercession May 14 at 4pm and must be complete May 15 at noon

Intercession = A portion of Summer term with accelerated class schedules

1st intercession May 14- June 2

4 wk 1st interim Thursday June 2 at 4pm- June 30th at 2pm

4 wk 2nd interim Friday July 1 at 4pm – July 30th at 2pm

2nd intercession August 2nd- August 11

8-week June 2nd- July 30th


Lobo Rainforest Move-in Dates:

June 2: Move in for new residents of Lobo Rainforest who are also attending summer school

July 1: General move in date for new summer residents of Lobo Rainforest

Intercession moves August 10 at 4pm and must complete by August 11 at 9am


In order to qualify to live in our residence halls, you must be:

  • Admitted to UNM-Albuquerque main campus
  • Enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours during fall and spring semesters*
  • Show reasonable progress toward the pursuit of a degree

Getting Started

  • A $50 non-refundable registration fee will be charged to your student account at the time of registration.
  • There is no deadline for registering, however it is recommended that you register as early as possible to obtain your preferred hall or roommate. 
  • You will need your UNM Net ID and password in order to log into the residency dashboard.
  • Enter the Residence Dashboard to get started.

Housing Registration FAQ's (click for answers)


Yes. Completing your registration process for housing is a binding agreement. So please understand the obligations, penalties and cancellation policies before you submit. Your terms and conditions, cancellations policies and costs will be provided during your registration process.


Yes. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee.


Your registration fee will be conveniently billed directly to your student account. It is not necessary to pay it at the time of application.


We will contact you at a later date when your room selection period begins. Room selection is first-come, first-served. Please be sure to check your UNM email and your Residence Dashboard for those important dates!


Of Residence Life & Student Housing's total spaces, we have less than 200 single and deluxe single rooms available in our traditional halls and suites. These rooms are typically reserved for returning residents as well as ADA accessibility needs. Therefore, a very limited number of singles are available for freshmen. We encourage you to register as early as possible to select your room of choice. Our apartments in RVA and SRC are a great option, with the privacy of a single room and shared communal kitchen and living area.


Yes. You will be able to select your roommate at a later date after you register. We will provide you with information on when and how to select your roommate. Don't have a roommate? You will be able to identify one through the roommate selection process or we will place you with the best match indicated through a series of questions asked in your registration process.


You must have a Net ID prior to registering for housing. If you have been admitted to the University but have not yet set up a Net ID, please visit the IT Website prior to registering for your housing. Also visit the FAQ page for Net ID information.


Your registration can be reopened and placed in draft mode so that it is editable. However this will change your submissions and will impact your priority in the selection process, so please be careful when making your selections and be sure to review your registration before it is submitted. For specific questions or requests, please contact Not sure where you want to live yet? Explore our halls here or come for a tour!


Yes. You can save your registration as a draft and return to it later. But don't forget to finish to be considered for housing!


If you are applying for multiple locations (such as Lobo Rainforest and Main Campus), please contact our assignments division directly at


Visit our Freshman Residency page for more information on requirements and exceptions.


Some information in our Residence Dashboard (such as name, address, etc.) is received via the Registrar's Office. Visit the Demographic Self Service (DSS) Website to make changes to your information.


This application is only for UNM Residence Life & Student Housing and does not include our private partner properties. If you want to apply to live with Casas del Rio or Lobo Village, do not complete this application. Instead, visit Casas del Rio or Lobo Village to apply.

Applicants under 18

Students Under 18

Students registering for housing under 18 years of age are required to provide a parent or guardian's signature. If you are under 18, please download a Parent Guarantor Form.  After printing, submit the signed form by fax (505-277-4712), email or in person at the SRC Commons 24/7 Help Desk.

Meal Plans Required

Meal Plan Options

First year residents living in the on-campus residence halls are required to choose a meal plan. Meal plans for returning residents are optional. To view the meal plan options or change an already selected meal plan, visit the UNM Food web site.

Early Contract Release

UNM Housing Options

Residence Life and Student Housing offers many options to meet your housing needs. From traditional rooms to apartments, our living styles are available to all students, including first year students. You may select up to three options on your housing registration. Learn more about our eight halls here or take a tour!