Summer, Winter and Interim Housing Options

Summer Session 2022  Click Here To Register Now! 

Taking a summer class? Need housing for the entire summer? You can live on campus! Our summer options are perfect for students taking courses over the summer, and even those who don't.  If you live with us for Spring 2022 and plan on living with us in Fall 2022 you can live with us without taking any classes this summer. We offer apartment-style living in Redondo Village Apartments with the same great amenities you are used to during the regular terms.

For those students already living with us and living with us again in the fall, you are eligible to live on campus for the summer as long as you are already enrolled for Fall 2022, even if you’re not taking classes this summer. 

Summer Session/Contract Term 2022


Total Cost

13 Week Full Summer Session (includes interim housing*)

May 14 - August 12


8 Week Session (Main Campus)

June 2 - July 30


4 Week Session 1 (Main Campus)

June 2 - June 30


4 Week Session 2 (Main Campus)

July 1- July 30


Add to intersession



*Full Summer session contracts are only available to current residents who have applied for a fall housing agreement, and currently live with us in the spring 2022.

  • Summer meal plan options are available (not required). Visit the for more information.
  • Payment plans may be arranged through the Bursar’s Office at

Satellite Housing - Lobo Rainforest Rates for New Residents


Total Cost

June move-in

June 2-Aug 13


July move-in

July 1-Aug 13


* Students are only eligible for this Lobo Rainforest Summer housing option if they also submitted an approved signed License Agreement to move in to Lobo Rainforest for the following academic year.

Pro-rated Room Charges: There is no proration for the term for students who check-in after the start of the selected Summer session or who leave early, prior to the end of the selected Summer session. 

Summer 2022 Cancellation Deadlines & Fees

Our Summer 2022 contract cancellation fees are as follows:

Any cancellation received prior to May 13, 2022 - $50

Any cancellation received after May 13, 2022, but prior to start of selected summer session -- $100

Summer “No Show”. A “No Show” occurs when a resident fails to pick up their keys by 5pm on the first Monday following the start of the selected summer session, or when a student notifies RLSH they will not be claiming occupancy as of the first day of the License Agreement Term. A student designated as a No Show will have their License Agreement administratively canceled, and a No Show charge will be processed on the student’s Bursar’s account as follows:

No Show Fee - varies depending on session selected

13 Week Full Summer Session - $300

8 Week Session - $200

4 Week Session 1 - $150

4 Week Session 2 - $150

Summer Contract Release:  A release is termination of the License Agreement after the resident has taken occupancy of the space assignment or after the first day of classes for the semester, whichever occurs first. Residents wishing to terminate their License Agreement must submit a Contract Release request through the RLSH Hall Coordinator, Area Coordinator, or Assistant Director of Residence Life.

To request a Contract Release, contact your Hall/Area Coordinator.


Winter 2023 Housing

During the Winter Break, RLSH traditional and suite style housing close; residents of these halls who wish to stay on campus during the winter break must apply for Winter Intercession Housing. This includes residents of Alvarado, Coronado, DeVargas, Hokona, Laguna, and Santa Clara. 

Residents needing to stay on campus for the Winter Break will be able to sign up for winter housing after Fall Break. More information about Winter 2023 housing will be made available at that time.

Why do the traditional halls close during the winter break?

Heating large buildings can be very expensive! Since so many students leave during the break, it is cost-effective and energy efficient to shut down the traditional halls during the break.